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Medical Eligibility Verification

The success or failure of each patient claim starts at the front desk. Every physician practice needs well organized procedures to ensure that patients’ insurance plans cover required procedures. Not verifying coverage can result in claim rejections and denials. An experienced medical billing company, Outsource Strategies International (OSI) provides comprehensive medical eligibility verification services. We verify patients’ insurance benefits before services are provided, helping you save time, and avoid unpaid claims and loss of revenue.

We have extensive experience working with government insurance as well as commercial insurance companies such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, AETNA, and GHI. We stay up-to-date on different types of policies and coverage. Our insurance eligibility verification services will:

  • Streamline the claims and medical billing process
  • Enhance practice workflow and save time
  • Reduce the administrative burden of verifying patient eligibility
  • Free up your staff for other duties
  • Prevent denied claims
  • Reduce bad debt
  • Increase cash collection
  • Minimize billing errors
  • Improve patient satisfaction

We serve all 50 states within the US. Get a Free Trial of our medical eligibility verification service before you sign up!

Our Insurance Eligibility Verification Process

The first step in the insurance verification process is obtaining patient demographic information from the healthcare provider or from the patient directly. We then verify the following patient benefit information with the insurance company via telephone or via the company’s website:

  • Type of plan and payable benefits
  • Primary and secondary medical coverage
  • Policy status
  • Insurance coverage effective dates
  • In-network or out-of-network coverage
  • Co-pays
  • Co-insurance
  • Deductibles
  • Plan exclusions
  • Claims mailing address
  • Referrals and pre-authorizations
  • Lifetime maximum
  • DME coverage

In addition to confirming new patients’ insurance, we also help keep returning patients’ records up-to-date by re-verifying address, contact information, and medical coverage which can change over a short period of time.

Stay 3-5 Days Ahead Of Your Patient Visits!

Save Time and Money! Hire a person or pay per verifications!

Benefits with OSI

  • System-based eligibility checks
  • Batch and real-time eligibility and benefits verification
  • Stringent QA checks with readily available reports
  • Daily, monthly and weekly reports
  • Customized TAT
  • HIPAA compliance
  • No long-term yearly contracts
  • No set up fees or training fees

Dial 1-800-670-2809 to learn more about how our medical eligibility verification process can help your practice.