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Medicare Risk Adjustment Coding (MRA Coding)

Accurate risk adjusted payment relies on complete medical record documentation and correct diagnosis coding. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) uses the Medicare risk adjustment method to accurately pay Medicare Advantage (MA) and Prescription Drug Plans (PDPs) by adjusting the payment for enrollees on the basis of demographics and health status.

Outsource Strategies International (OSI) offers error–free Medicare risk adjustment coding (MRA) services for healthcare providers. We provide complete medical record documentation and accurate diagnostic coding that will help you obtain timely reimbursement and ensure quality care for patients.

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Free Medical Coding

Comprehensive MRA Coding Services

Payment model for Medical Risk Adjustment relies on CMS-HCC (Hierarchical Condition Category) codes that are derived from the ICD-9 CM diagnostic codes. With sound knowledge in the latest coding trends and updates, our AAPC-certified medical coders report the correct HCC (Hierarchical Condition Categories) codes that CMS requires.

Our coders are proficient in ICD-9 and ICD-10 medical coding. They ensure accurate MRA coding and also identify any missing information in patient records that may not pass a CMS audit.

Adhering to HIPAA guidelines, we ensure security and confidentiality for all your medical records and data.

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