2023 Chiropractic Medical Coding Changes

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A leading provider of chiropractic billing services in the U.S., Outsource Strategies International (OSI) provides end-to-end revenue cycle management solutions. Our team of AAPC-certified coders stays updated on CPT, ICD, HCPCS Level I and Level II codes and modifiers.

In today’s podcast, Meghann Drella, a Senior Solutions Manager at OSI, discusses the major medical coding changes for chiropractors in 2023.

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0:14 Major Chiropractic Coding Changes

01:00 Stay Up to date on E/M Coding

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Hello and welcome to our podcast series. My name is Meghann Drella and I’m a Senior Solutions Manager here at Outsource Strategies International. Today, I’ll be discussing the major medical coding changes for chiropractors in 2023.

0:14 Major Chiropractic Coding Changes

In 2023, chiropractors have to deal with several medical coding changes. The ICD-10 code changes that came into effect on Oct 1, 2022 comprise 1176 new codes, 28 revised codes and 287 deleted codes. For chiropractors, there are new ICD-10 codes for lumbar and lumbosacral disc disorders, spinal muscles weakness and atrophy, and more. There are also changes to coding and documenting for E/M services that chiropractors have to deal with in 2023. A chiropractic coding company can help practices submit accurate claims using the new codes and streamline their medical billing and coding process.

I’m going to be attaching a list of all the codes that will be changed for the upcoming year.

01:00 Stay Up to date on E/M Coding

The American Medical Association (AMA) released CPT Evaluation and Management (E/M) Code and guidelines effective January 2023 which builds on the revisions made to the E/M office visit code descriptors and documentation standards made in 2021. The AMA noted: “Documentation of e/m office visits will now be centered around how physicians think and take care of patients and not on mandatory standards that encouraged copy/paste and checking boxes.

The E/M updates address the persistent administrative burden problem for physicians in almost every specialty. Coding processes in nearly all E/M services are simpler and more flexible for providers of chiropractic billing services.

I hope this helps, but always remember that documentation as well as a thorough knowledge of payer regulations and guidelines is critical to ensure accurate reimbursement for the procedures performed.

Thank you for joining me and stay tuned for my next podcast.

Meghann Drella

Meghann Drella possesses a profound understanding of ICD-10-CM and CPT requirements and procedures, actively participating in continuing education to stay abreast of any industry changes.

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