Coding Dental Implant Procedures

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A professional medical billing company in the U.S, Outsource Strategies International (OSI) has significant experience managing all core aspects of the medical and dental billing and coding. Our dedicated medical billing team can ensure accurate claim submission using the correct codes.

In today’s podcast, Amber Darst, one of our Solutions Managers, discusses the CDT Codes for Dental Implant Procedures.


Podcast Highlights

  • Introduction – 00.09
  • Dental implant coverage -00.10
  • Importance of dental insurance verification – 00.28
  • Inclusion of correct dental codes (CDT codes) – 00.54

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Hi, this is Amber Darst, Solutions Manager from Managed Outsource Solutions (MOS), and for this podcast, I will be discussing dental implant coverage.

Dental implant procedures may be eligible for reimbursement, but it all depends on each carrier’s specific roles and limitations. Some will cover implant procedures if it is deemed medically necessary showing proof that without the implant, it will compromise the bite. While a few dental policies classify an implant as a cosmetic procedure, some dental plans cover the surgical and restorative aspects of the dental implants.

Completing comprehensive dental insurance verifications before the patients are seen in an office allows you the opportunity to discuss the coverage and cause that would be associated with an implant procedure with the patient during their visit.

Another important thing to remember is when submitting claims for implant procedures, dental offices should always ensure to include the correct CDT codes not only to align with the insurance rules and regulations, but to also maximize their reimbursement. Dental practices must stay up to date with the annual CDT code changes in order to continue filing the claims correctly.

A professional dental billing company such as MOS, can help you with all your billing needs as well. For the rest of the CDT codes related to this podcast, please refer to the attached article. And that’s all for this. Thanks for listening in.

Amber Darst

Amber Darst is our Solutions Manager in the Healthcare Division, Practice and RCM. With a rich background in dental services, her expertise ranges from insurance coordination to office management.

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