Chiropractic Medical Billing Outsourcing – Key Benefits [Infographic]

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Chiropractors treat patients with various musculoskeletal ailments, ranging from low back pain to tennis elbow, scoliosis and neck pain. When it comes to revenue cycle management, the major challenges practices face are managing chiropractic billing and coding, maintaining healthy accounts receivables, coding audits, and more. Outsourcing the billing and coding task to an experienced chiropractic billing company can help practices deal with such challenges and avoid common errors that can lead to payment delays and denials.

Chiropractic billing specialists and coders in professional outsourcing companies are up to date with the latest codes, billing guidelines and payer guidelines. They have in-depth knowledge on how claim submission and reimbursement systems function and the billing requirements of insurers, which is crucial for error-free, timely claim submission. With an experienced team available to handle such administrative tasks, practices don’t have to train their staff on changes in health reforms or billing processes and software.

Reliable companies also provide timely follow-up and appeals to accelerate practice cash flow and minimize accounts receivable (AR) days. Claim denials usually occur due to administrative errors, poor or lack of insurance verification, wrong codes submission, and more.

One of the key services in chiropractic billing is verifying patients’ chiropractic insurance eligibility and benefits to ensure that the patient is covered for the specific chiropractic treatment. Proper verification is important for accurate claim submission and reimbursement.

Check out the infographic below
Chiropractic Medical Billing Outsourcing

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