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Only when insurance claims are either held up or denied do people realize that there have been mistakes in medical billing that must have been avoided. Here is a list of the most common billing mistakes that becomes the cause for a delay or denial of the insurance reimbursement.

  • Wrong patient identification number
  • Wrong ICD-9-CM code with out fourth / fifth digits when required
  • Duplicate claim
  • Wrong date of service
  • Keystroke clerical error
  • Procedure of claim not fully furnished by the other party
  • No match between the ICD-9-CM code and CPT code
  • Physician’s ID not available
  • Type of service code not mentioned
  • Billing branded drug for generic
  • Amount totaling mistakes
  • Treatment/service provided was not validated
  • Service not rendered
  • Service/treatment given in an invalid center/place of service
  • Service not a medical necessity
  • Place of service code not mentioned

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