1900% Increase in Accounts Receivable in Less Than a Year

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An endocrinologist approached us with a sad story to tell. In a period of 18 months she had appointed 10 different billing companies but she had only meager accounts receivable collections coming in, with money from 2004 being owed to her. She really needed our help.


We perused all of her accounts. We also meticulously read through unpaid claims detail reports, EDI projections, secondary insurances and patient statements. We worked with all of the accounts and followed up on outstanding invoices. We actually performed the most number of appeals we could for a claims denial. We provided her with reports of our findings and also of the progress of our work.


All of the endocrinologist’s accounts were made current by the end of December. Her A/R increased by a phenomenal 1900% in less than a year. The efforts of our analysis team, calling team and resolutions department once again bore fruit. OSI’ services thus improved her cash flow and positively impacted her business for sure.

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