Case Study: Quick, Accurate and Cost-effective Insurance Verification for Wellness Center

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OSI offers comprehensive insurance verification services for all types of healthcare entities including physical therapy, chiropractic and orthotic centers. Our client, Chiro One Wellness Centers based in Oak Lawn, Illinois, approached us in 2012. They run chiropractic wellness centers in more than 40 locations all over Illinois, with experienced doctors specializing in wellness treatments.

The Challenge

The client had a rapidly growing business, and wanted to keep their verification process cost effective. With more than 40 locations now and continuing to grow, they really needed outside assistance. OSI can handle the volume and turnaround time according to the volume change that would occur on a daily as well as hourly basis.

The Solution

OSI understood that this client is unique not only because of their many locations but also since they needed their verifications done on a stat basis. We put together a team that does more than 100 verifications each day and sends them back in just 2 hours of receipt. OSI agents are very thorough with the process and have an eye for detail. This ensures smoothness of the process. Since the forms we use for verification are quite detailed and extensive, we ensure that we really are on point with each and every verification.


This project that began in 2012 is ongoing, and we have been successfully providing this service to them for 3 years now, meeting their 2-hour TAT need on each of the verifications. This client continues to grow, and we are happy to grow with them on this exciting journey. The results attained are a long lasting project with no end in sight. We have truly built a well-oiled machine together, and we are continually seeing business grow. We have provided this client with exactly what they were looking for a cost effective way to produce accurate insurance verifications, needed in a short period of time. We could not be happier with the outcome, and the partnership we have created.

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