Successful Medical Insurance Verifications Improves Patient Care and Revenue

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With a chiropractic practice, the initial visit is a two-day visit. The first day the patient comes in and is given a tour of the facility, an in-depth physical assessment and x-rays are done. The second day the physicians go over the x-rays, discuss the plan of treatment with the patient, and begin treatment. All this requires the staff to focus a lot of attention on patient care.

The practice wanted to centralize all the verifications into one area so it would free up the staff at the different offices to provide efficient patient care. This would also allow the practice to bring in upfront revenue by minimizing claim denials.


Things have changed significantly with OSI doing the verifications. It allows the practice to collect co-pays upfront at the time of service. If the deductible is not met, we collect that upfront also. As we perform the verifications prior to the patient’s appointment, both the patient and the practice are aware of the status of the insurance at the time of the visit.


We have been with the practice for just a short period. We started in February 2012 and have ramped up very quickly. Things are now running smoothly. With OSI performing prior verifications, the staff can now spend more time with patients. This has increased revenue.

We started with only doing in network verifications but as of last week we are doing all verifications for all regions in network and out of network.

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