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dental billing outsourcing

Dental Billing Outsourcing Company

Keeping your practice running smoothly is what we do. As a dental billing outsourcing company, we work hard so you can continue to provide excellence in dentistry and not having to worry about cash flow. Continuing to provide quality care to patients also requires a proper dental billing process that makes sure you get paid in time, your patients know what they owe, and they pay that in a timely manner. This is where outsourcing of dental billing has its advantage.

OSI’s dental billing experts have years of experience working with large and small dental offices. They stay on top of changes in laws, coding and billing rules, and payer policies to help practices ensure dental billing compliance, streamline revenue cycle management, and receive timely and optimal reimbursement. Ask us how outsourcing dental insurance billing through OSI can improve the health of our practice.

Our End-to-End Dental Billing Services

Our comprehensive dental billing service covers everything from patient scheduling and insurance verification and authorization to billing, payment collections, and accounts receivable management. Outsourcing dental billing to OSI will save you the costs of having an in-house team to manage these tasks, while freeing up your front desk to handle patient concerns.

Patient Enrolment

Dental billing outsourcing streamlines your patient enrolment process. Our team can handle enrolment of new and existing patients. Check details of the demographics including insurance information and confirm all required information has been captured.

Appointment Scheduling

By outsourcing your appointment scheduling we our team can handle your follow-up appointments, re-scheduling and make sure your dental office can focus on what needs to be focused on. With the outsourced team’s working knowledge of dentistry and dental treatment procedures we can work in your practice management system and build and sequence an effective and productive schedule.

Insurance Verification/Authorization

Failing to check patient’s eligibility is one of the main reasons for dental claims denial. Outsourcing insurance verification or eligibility checks and getting your procedures authorized before the patient is seen will ensure that you are reimbursed quickly. Our verification checklist is extensive and is customizable.

We can gather verifications for everything from

  • The dates for which the coverage is effective
  • The dental codes for the procedure to be performed
  • The waiting period which may be required for certain procedures to ensure they are covered
  • The type of plan and the fee schedules
  • Maximums and deductibles
  • Necessary documentation
  • Last date of service
  • Information for claim submission: phone number, address, payer ID, and fax number
  • Coverage percentage by category
  • Coverage for tooth implant / tooth grafting / crowns, cleanings and build-ups
  • Frequencies for panoramic and full mouth x-rays
  • Missing tooth clause
  • And a lot more!!

Accounts Receivable Management

Accounts receivable (AR) or the money owed to your practice is a key indicator of its performance. Unresolved claims hold up your cash flow and keeping track of AR is crucial to understand how your Dental billing and AR management is working. Outsourcing dental billing to OSI allows you to expand your business while we focus on managing you dental billing and accounts receivables.

OSI’s proactive support to improve your collections includes the following:

  • Accurate eligibility verifications
  • Translating dental services into proper billable codes: Our team has extensive coding knowledge CDT, CPT & ICD-10 code changes.
  • Code accuracy review
  • Reduce codes to reduce risk of fraud

We ensure that we help you implement a system that claims are followed up in a timely manner and you get paid.

  • Reviewing claims for accuracy before submission
  • Clean Claim Check
  • 30-day claim follow up
  • Reviewing reasons for denial/rejection/low payments
  • Patient balance follow-up
  • Daily AR review

We are knowledgeable about medical billing for dentistry and can help maximize insurance coverage for your patients.

Filing and Processing Insurance Claims

Insurance companies vary in terms of the information they want and claim submission requirements. We stay ahead of trends, codes, and dental claims submission and billing rules. Our end- to-end HIPAA compliant outsourced services assure optimization of billing operations, claims processing, and denials management.

Dental Billing Outsourcing

How Does Dental Billing Outsourcing Work

We understand that outsourcing dental billing can be a little scary. We want you to know that we try to make it as simple as possible. How do we do it?


We will listen and understand the issues you are facing. Creating an ideal solution to your problem requires a thorough understanding of your practice and its functions.


We will present the plan to you. Discussing the plan and making sure we have all the areas covered is important. Since we work as an extension to your business, it is important to have your thoughts in this.


Monitoring the work, day to day and monthly will be done by our dedicated billing manager assigned to your office. All reports, questions will be answered immediately. Monthly meetings are done to review progress.



We review and plan the project depending on the areas that we believe should be improved. The idea is to provide help in areas that it is lacking and create a plan that will work.


Implementing a plan requires careful onboarding. We want to be sure that our staff and your office are in synch with responsibilities and implementation of the dental billing process.


We understand that offices change, insurance rules change and that there might always be room for improvement. We will continue to monitor and keep innovating to keep up with regulations as well as your requirements.

Benefits of Outsourcing Dental Billing to OSI

Whether you are an individual dentist, endodontist, orthodontist, pediatric dentists, or periodontist, we can help you meet your dental billing needs. As your dental billing outsourcing company, Our team work side by side with your office staff to bring you the following benefits:

  • Dedicated dental billing manager
  • Will save more money than hiring your own billers
  • Have your office staff focus on patient care and growing your business
  • Get your verifications and authorizations done 5 days ahead
  • We are experts; we will reduce rejections and denial rates
  • Faster reimbursements
  • Supports coding and billing to meet the latest guidelines
  • Increases collections with proper AR management
  • Ensures insurance expertise and proper communication with payer
  • Boost your bottom line

Teledentistry – Key Benefits and Related CDT Codes [Infographic]


Strategies to Boost Dental Practice Revenue

PODCAST by Amber Darst : Dental Insurance Coordinator | Practice and Revenue Cycle Management: Healthcare Division

Read Transcript

Hi, this is Amber Darst, Dental Insurance Coordinator from Managed Outsource Solutions. I will be talking with you today about – Strategies That Can Boost Your Dental Practice Revenue.

Managing the business side of your dental practice efficiently while providing patients with excellent treatment can be very challenging. Financial success depends greatly on efficient billing and communicating with your patients regarding their financial responsibilities for the services you provide to maximize your overall reimbursement. Here are a few strategies to boost your dental practice’s revenue –

Retrieve patient eligibility verification – Successful billing depends on performing the insurance verification before the date of service. Dental offices need to check the patient’s eligibility in coverage benefits with the insurance company. In addition to verifying demographic information when a patient calls to schedule an appointment, other important questions to ask existing patients are whether their dental insurance has changed since their last appointment and if there have been any recent changes in their employment situations. If the patient has a new plan, the office needs to obtain the summary of benefits and understand what services are covered under their new plan. It is also important to review your fee schedule.  Reviewing contracted fee schedules annually and setting the right fees is crucial for long-term financial success. Take a good look at your fee schedule and see what prices can possibly be increased. Adjusting your fee schedule can provide extra revenue right away.

Establish clear payment policies for patients – Practices should collect the patient’s co-pays or for fees not covered by their insurance at the point of service. The best practice is to have a written financial policy so that patients understand their obligations. If these obligations are not met, develop a proactive strategy to collect the payment, such as sending out reminders and statements on a bi-weekly or even a weekly basis. You can also offer an incentive for early payment. Having clear policies and procedures in place can reduce stress, ensure timely collection of payments and keep the cash flowing consistently into your office.

Ensure that you have an efficient claim submission process in order – Having a proper system in place for submitting insurance claims is critical to ensuring reimbursement. Techniques for improving insurance collections include submitting claims on a daily basis and setting up a system for reviewing all claims for accuracy before they are sent out. Tracking the claim status will tell you about the status of the claim once they have left the office. Contact the insurance company immediately at the first sign of delay or non-payment to investigate the reason so that you can fix it quickly.

Know your codes and when to assign them – Assigning the correct codes for each procedure performed is essential for successful dental billing. Practices need to have a proper understanding of the CDT codes and when to use them. Each of these codes have a specific purpose and payers have their own rules regarding the use of these codes for claim submission. Code changes occur every year and practices should review and note the all the changes, especially for your frequently used codes, evaluate these codes and how the changes may affect them.

Today, many dentists are realizing that outsourcing dental billing is a very cost-effective solution that can increase your practice revenue. Companies that provide dental billing services have a comprehensive understanding of the ins and outs of dental insurance and can ensure efficient claims submission to maximize the practices reimbursement.

And that’s all. I hope this helps but always remember that documentation and a thorough knowledge of payer-regulations and guidelines is critical to ensure accurate reimbursement for the procedures performed.

Thanks for Listening in.

Outsourcing your medical billing to OSI can save you up to 40% on your operational costs.

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Tamara Hernandez
Tamara Hernandez
The Insurance Verification and Prior Authorization service is a God send in our busy Cardiology Practice. The team is always professional, kind and attentive. I would definitely recommend OSI to anyone!
Eldon Peters
Eldon Peters
Top notch service. Easy to work with. Fast, reliable, excellent from top to bottom. Strongest recommendation possible!
Dr. Millicent Brown
Dr. Millicent Brown
I've had a very good experience with the insurance verification service. I am planning to use other offered services because they are easy to work with and provide great communication.
Andrew Brian
Andrew Brian
An Exceptional Medical Billing Company I am an orthopedic surgeon and was looking forward to outsourcing the billing task to a trusted orthopedic medical billing company. I chose OSI taking into account its good track record. I would rate it as an exceptional medical billing company. The staff is knowledgeable, well-mannered, and has always been prompt in addressing my concerns. My practice revenue has improved considerably since my tie-up with this company. I would gladly recommend OSI to anyone looking to outsource medical billing. Andrew Paul
Joshua Samuel
Joshua Samuel
The Best Business Decision I Ever Made!!! I was really frustrated trying to balance patient care and medical billing responsibility. One of my friends who had a good experience with OSI suggested medical billing outsourcing which was not even in my thoughts. I entrusted the medical billing job to OSI and it is the best business decision I have ever made in my career. Joshua Samuel

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