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Dental Billing Services

If you are trying to save time, money and get back to focusing on seeing your patients then Outsource Strategies International (OSI) is your Dental Billing Company. Complexities of billing procedures and the ever-changing policies of Dental plans with their fee schedule associations, it does make dental billing challenging. As a dental billing company in USA, we provide a comprehensive suite of dental billing services including comprehensive dental eligibility verifications and other services to help you run our practice efficiently.

Reducing Accounts receivables and keeping it actively handled is a very important that AR management specialists at our dental billing company work hard to ensure. When managing your revenue cycle our focus is on handling possible issues ahead of time. Handle your dental insurance verifications and authorizations and reduce the time needed for following up on AR.

OSI – A Trusted Dental Billing Services Company for Dental Practices

Our dental billing service have experience in gathering authorizations and doing billing for bone grafts, oral implants and tooth fractures among others. Experienced in providing dental billing services for more than 17 years, we serve small as well as large practices. Whether you are an individual dentist, endodontist, orthodontist, or periodontist, we can help. We believe in our dental billing services. You will have a dedicated project manager and highly skilled team working as an extension to your practice. We don’t just expect your business, we strive to earn it!!

Our complete dental billing services include:

Patient Scheduling



Payment and Cash Posting

Payment and

Cash Posting

Patient Registration



Insurance Billing and Collections


Billing and Collections

Comprehensive Eligibility Benefit Verifications


Eligibility Benefit Verifications

Billing and Follow up


Billing and Follow up

Procedure Authorizations & Pre-determinations


Authorizations & Pre-determinations

AR Management


Receivables Management

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Dental Billing Services ?

We have been in business for more than 17 years. We can talk about our experience here but the best way to prove that we are good at what we do is to talk to us. Ask us about our dental billing services and no hassle eligibility and authorization free trials!


Month to month contracts. We believe in earning your business.

We have extensive knowledge of dental insurances including Aetna, Cigna, Delta Dental, MetLife etc.
We thoroughly verify whether the plan includes missing tooth clause or GAP exclusions.
Our customer service keeps us in business. We will assign a dedicated project manager for each client.
We can obtain Medical necessity for things such as oral appliance therapy.
Quick communication by email, as well as phone calls.
Our team can follow up with patients for payment collection.
AR follow-up protocol is set for the first follow up to occur on the 30th day.
We will work on your Dental Software as an extension to your practice.
With us, you don’t have to pay depending on your collected amount. Just pay for the work or the patient load that you carry.

We can also provide the services of trained and skilled Full Time Equivalent (FTE) professionals specialized in various areas of dental insurance verification and pre-authorization, including patient registration.

Our Pricing Options

Fixed Cost Pricing

A person is dedicated to your practice. Perfect for a practice that is busy. They work as an extension to your business.

  • A dedicated employee or team.
  • This person or team can handle multiple responsibilities.
  • Preset pricing and production guidelines.
  • No Start-up fees.
  • Pay for the worked time

Per Transaction Pricing

Perfect for a practice who is yet to be sure about their work requirements. This can have per request pricing for eligibility and other functions.

  • Dedicated team or employee
  • This person or team can handle multiple responsibilities.
  • A per transaction or hybrid model.
  • No Start-up fees
  • Pay for the worked time

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Billing and Coding Guidelines for Teledentistry

PODCAST by Amber Darst :Dental Insurance Coordinator | Practice and Revenue Cycle Management: Healthcare Division

Read Transcript

Hey! This is Amber Darst, Dental Insurance Coordinator from Managed Outsource Solutions. I am going to be talking to you today about teledentistry.

This could be one of the most relevant topics we are discussing amid this COVID-19 outbreak. Now, as most dental offices are closed, dentists can use telehealth systems to continue to serve their patients. As dental care, too, is still necessary during this pandemic to maintain oral health.

So what is teledentistry?

A subset of telehealth, teledentistry facilitates dental care virtually. It works in such a way that, for instance – a patient takes a photo or video of their aching tooth and shares it with a dentist from a remote location, the dentist then examines the image or video and determines the problem with the tooth. After that if necessary, the doctor can prescribe an e-prescription for medicine to help with the discomfort until it heals or until the person can visit the physical office for a closer examination. A virtual consultation also allows a much safer approach to any questions a patient may have, giving them professional advice instead of them searching the internet and possibly finding vague or improper answers to their concerns.

Different forms of teledentistry include Synchronous Real-Time Video which is consultation using the video camera feature on a phone, laptop, or other device and Asynchronous Recorded Dental Health Information. This is documentation of dental health records like x-ray images or digital impressions that are sent via a secure electronic system.

A few benefits associated with remote dentistry are quick access for patients. Patients have the opportunity to immediately address pain and soreness issues with the Dentist and upon the discretion of the doctor, receive an e-prescription to help manage the symptoms until the issue can be treated in office. It’s also cost efficient. One way this can be a money saver as patients are eliminating the price for transportation to and from an office. Also it not having to spend extended hours away from their work for an appointment as well. Also it encourages those who may have anxiety with in-office dental visits to stay proactive in their oral healthcare from the comfort of their home.  It also increases accessibility of dental care to those who have limited transportation options, disabilities, or even nursing home bound patients. And the last benefit I would like to mention is it’s also great for specialists. It gives them a greater opportunity to consult with larger populations, improving specialty care.

So a little bit about the Insurance Coverage and the accessibility to the service. Currently in the US, teledentistry treatments are considered a covered benefit by select insurance carriers. Based on ADA’s statement on  teledentistry, these dental benefit plans shall provide coverage for services using teledentistry technologies and methods delivered to a covered person to the same extent that the services would be covered if they were provided through an in-office encounter.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic HIPPA has currently eased up on some other normal regulations for providing teledentistry services. During this time it is possible to access the services via a few different social media platforms such as Skype or Google Hangouts video chat feature. Remember a teledentistry event is subject to applicable law, regulation or licensure.

The coding involved for teledentistry. So a teledentistry event claim or encounter submission involves reporting appropriate Place of Service Codes as well as CDT Codes. The Place of Service Code or POS code for a Telehealth encounter would be 02.

The two different CDT codes to choose from would be either the  D9995 which is for the Synchronous- real-time encounter or the D9996 for the Asynchronous – the information stored and forwarded to dentist for subsequent review.

The appropriate code should be entered by the dentist who oversees the teledentistry event and who ultimately completes the oral evaluation.

A DentaVox survey on teledentistry done on October 2019 found that 78% of patients are likely to start using remote dentistry within the next five years and the top 3 groups who benefit from this service are working people, children, and people with disabilities.

What better time to become part of this growing telehealth industry and even once this pandemic is over teledentistry will still be a great tool to implement, especially for those late night emergency calls.

I hope this helps, but always remember that documentation and a thorough knowledge of payer regulations and guidelines is critical to ensure accurate reimbursement for the procedures performed.

Thanks for listening in!

Key Dental Practice and Insurance Challenges [Infographics]

Key Dental Practice and Insurance Challenges

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