Appointment Scheduling
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Appointment Scheduling

Proper patient appointment scheduling is essential to improve healthcare practice and workflow, but managing the process in-house can be really hectic and time consuming. An established healthcare business process outsourcing company based in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Outsource Strategies International (OSI) handles scheduling, rescheduling and cancellation of patient visits, allowing physicians to focus on providing timely and efficient care. We provide accurate and efficient appointment scheduling solutions for hospitals, clinics, free-standing diagnostic facilities, multi-specialty groups, and individual/group practices.

To know how our medical appointment scheduling services enhance practice efficiency and patient satisfaction, call (800) 670-2809 and ask for a Free Trial.

Appointment Scheduling Services at OSI – Key Benefits

  • Improve productivity – We streamline your workflow and simplify processes to improve your efficiency and productivity
  • Enhance revenue – By reducing the rate of cancellations, no-shows and missed appointments, we help improve patient compliance and revenue
  • More time to focus on core competencies – With OSI handling your appointment scheduling, you can focus on providing efficient care
  • Patient satisfaction – We provide optimal scheduling solutions for established patients, new patients and referrals.

Our Patient Appointment Scheduling Services

With sophisticated online scheduling software, we efficiently set up office visits, cancel scheduled visits and re-schedule missed visits.

  • Multispecialty support with multiple-user accessibility
  • Calendaring of schedules
  • Facilitates for patients to call in and schedule their visit in vacant time slots
  • Quick confirmation after setting up schedules
  • Orderly call backs and the ability to reschedule and cross-schedule between different clinics and medical offices
  • Phone and email reminders to reduce instances of overbooking and/or missed, rescheduled or late visits
  • New patients can schedule their visits without any delay
  • Appointment scheduling any time of the day and any day of the week (24/7)

We abide by all HIPAA and associated patient confidentiality requirements.