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ICD and CPT Coding

Proper reimbursement for healthcare services is possible only when the services are coded accurately in the claims submitted to insurance companies. At Outsource Strategies International (OSI), we employ AAPC-certified professional coders to handle your ICD and CPT coding needs. With relevant experience in the field, we manage every aspect of the coding process and help you manage your revenue cycle better.

As a leading medical coding outsourcing company, we are better equipped to offer ICD-10 compliant coding services to our clients. With more specific codes available in the ICD-10 coding system, our coders choose the most appropriate ICD-10 codes that accurately reflect the care provided to the patient. We keep abreast of AMA and CMS guidelines and assign the latest medical codes for the services you provide to your patients.

Our customized, HIPAA-compliant services cover almost all medical specialties including Cardiology, Gastroenterology, General Surgery, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Neurosurgery, Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Pain Management, Physical Therapy and others.

ICD-10 Coding Services

With massive expansion of codes in ICD-10 and increased specificity, key concepts (for example, laterality (left or right), types of fractures, initial or subsequent encounter for injuries, trimester of pregnancy, details about diabetes and related complications) must all be accurately documented in your notes. This will help us to assign the most appropriate codes depending on the particular condition. Our coding professionals are knowledgeable in:

ICD-10-CM combination codes
ICD-10-CM activity and occurrence codes
ICD-10-PCS codes for general and root operations
Z-codes for reasons for encounters
ICD-10 Coding Services

CPT Coding Services

Our coders stay up-to-date with the current coding changes and updates and they maintain key performance standards based on the latest payer-specific documentation guidelines.
They have a thorough understanding of:
Distinct medical coding systems – ICD-10, CPT, CDT and HCPCS
Bundling and unbundling procedures
Payer-specific requirements (Medicare, Medicaid and all commercial insurance)
The latest AMA and CMS guidelines
State / federal government compliance
Our highly trained and credentialed staffs assign the most appropriate codes in your medical claims, thus obtaining maximum reimbursement for your services.

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