Case Studies

Insurance Verification Services

Insurance Verification Services

Insurance Verifications and Authorizations for a Podiatry Specialty in Raleigh, NC

Outsource Strategies International (OSI) has more than 17 years of experience in providing customized patient eligibility verification services for various medical specialties. Our client is a podiatrist from North Carolina who contacted us to verify their patients’ insurance benefits before services are provided. Read more

Insurance Verification Services

American Teledentistry Company Extremely Happy with OSI's Insurance Verification Services

Outsource Strategies International (OSI) has been providing a Tennessee-based American teledentistry company with insurance verification services since January 31, 2017. This client manufactures clear aligners, which are orthodontic devices that use incremental transparent aligners to adjust teeth as an alternative to wearing dental braces. Read more

Insurance Verification Services

Insurance Verification Deftly Handled for Healthcare Company Clients

Outsource Strategies International (OSI), a Managed Outsource Solutions company, provides insurance verifications for all medical specialties including urology. Our client, the Minneapolis, MN based Coloplast, provides products and services to help people suffering from various private medical conditions such as those affecting the testicles and penis, erectile dysfunction and Peyronie’s disease. Read more

Insurance Verification Services

Quick, Accurate and Cost-effective Insurance Verification for Wellness Center

OSI offers comprehensive insurance verification services for all types of healthcare entities including physical therapy, chiropractic and orthotic centers. Our client, Chiro One Wellness Centers based in Oak Lawn, Illinois, approached us in 2012. They run chiropractic wellness centers in more than 40 locations all over Illinois, with experienced doctors specializing in wellness treatments. Read more

Insurance Verification Services

Successful Medical Insurance Verifications Improves Patient Care and Revenue

OSI provides comprehensive medical insurance verification services. A leading chiropractic practice with over 70 offices throughout the three states of IL, KY and TX came to us asking for help with insurance verifications ....Read more

Insurance Verification Services

Centralized Insurance Verification and Authorizations Boosts Collections

At OSI, we often tout how we like long term relationships; and we mean it. We have been working with a national oncology research, consultations and treatment company with multiple clinics. Currently, they have 120 offices organized into 8 regions. We have been working together for over one year and are coming up on our 2nd anniversary of providing service. Read more

Insurance Verification Services

Verification Handled Efficiently for Billing Firm

Outsource Strategies International (OSI) is a Managed Outsource Solutions company and a comprehensive medical services outsourcing provider enabling physician practices to perform more efficiently. Our client, Alta Medical Management from Holladay, Utah is the billing partner for a retina ophthalmology practice, the largest in southeast Texas that....Read more

Dental Insurance Verification

Dental Insurance Verification Services

Case Study for Comprehensive Insurance Verifications for Two Busy Dental Offices in Westchester and Manhattan

An experienced hand in providing dental insurance verification services, Outsource Strategies International (OSI) provides reliable services for diverse busy dental clinics, practices and offices. Our client who manages two busy dental offices in Westchester and Manhattan has been providing advanced dentistry procedures and comprehensive dental procedures for years to help improve patients’ oral health. Read more

Dental Insurance Verification Services

Case Study for Insurance Verification Service: Dental Insurance Verifications Done Successfully for U.S. Based Dental Practice

Outsource Strategies International (OSI) has been providing dental insurance verification and prior authorization services to dental offices in all 50 States, for many years. This client is a U.S. based dental practitioner, a one-physician practice located in Washington DC, who needed our support in verifying patients’ coverage, to streamline their front office operations and improve the quality of patient care. Read more

Dental Insurance Verification Services

Case Study for Insurance Verification Service: Ongoing Project for a Dental Practice

OSI (Outsource Strategies International) offers dental service and procedure verification with dental insurance service providers. We were approached by TF Dental Group, a dental management company from McDonough, Georgia that offers cosmetic, restorative and general dentistry along with other dental procedures. Read more

Medical Coding

Coding Audit for 700 Surgical Charts Handled on Time

OSI (Outsource Strategies International) offers medical billing, medical coding, insurance verification and other comprehensive medical outsourcing solutions. Our services were required by Omega Medical Solutions of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Omega is a comprehensive outsourcing partner offering financial and business technology functions including general accounting, consulting and reporting. Read more

Advanced Coding Solutions for Medical Billing Company

Outsource Strategies International (OSI) is a comprehensive medical billing, coding and outsourcing company. We offer medical coding for different specialties including psychiatry, chiropractic, internal medicine and cardiology. Read more

Medical Coding for a California Billing Company

OSI (Outsource Strategies International), an MOS company, offers medical coding services for various medical specialties. We were approached by a medical billing company based in LA, California in September 2012. The company provides medical billing for specialties such as pain management, cardiology and internal medicine all over the nation and helps healthcare professionals and organizations improve their efficiency. Read more

Sports Medicine Medical Billing

Revenue Cycle Management for Sports Medicine Practice

The client was going through a phase of growth and needed support for that. Their office manager was handling all the collections, which compromised the attention she could set apart for other areas of the business. The need for expert handling of revenue management was felt. Read more

Gastroenterology Medical Billing and Coding

Case Study for a Comprehensive Gastroenterology Practice: Medical Billing and Coding

OSI (Outsource Strategies International) is offering complete revenue cycle management service including medical billing, coding verifications, and insurance follow-up and collections for the highly rated gastroenterology practice of Dr. Joe Black based in Oregon since 2010. Read more

DME Insurance Verification

Large Volumes of DME Authorizations Handled Cost-effectively

Outsource Strategies International (OSI) offers DME (Durable Medical Equipment) authorizations. Our client, Access Mediquip from Lake Mary, Florida, specializes in providing implantable and surgical devices to the nation’s medical facilities. Read more

Orthopedic Transcription

Quality Transcription Service Provided for an Orthopedic Group

An orthopedic group inquired with us about our transcription service as their existing in-house team was not able to keep up with the growth. Quality was deteriorating due to the pressures; and the turnover, along with the burden of finding and training new help; they were simply not keeping up. Turnover time was impacted as well, with the commensurate grumbling of the providers. Read more

HCC Coding

MRA HCC Coding Services provided for Independent Practice Association

An Independent Practice Association, or IPA, has been in existence for over 80 years with more than $5 billion in policyholder equity. As a mutual company, their customers and owners are one and the same. Their success is measured not only by the rate of return for shareholders, but also by the value they provide to policyholders. Read more

Pain Management Medical Billing

Expert Medical Billing and Collections Guidance Helps New Practice Take Off

With vast professional experience in Full Cycle Medical Billing and Collections, and Verifications, OSI has helped many health care practices improve patient care and revenue. Our client is a board-certified anesthesiologist and pain management physician located in the Miami section of Florida. He wanted to set up his own practice and committed to his plan, but wasn’t sure how to engage the necessary expertise to help realize his goals. Read more

Medical SEO

Medical Website SEO - More Business and More Customers

A 6000 square foot healthcare practice in Brooklyn, NY, focuses on providing superior patient care combining multiple specialties such as neurology, physical therapy, pain management and chiropractic care. The center has been our client for more than 3 years. Read more

AR Management

1900% Increase in Accounts Receivable in Less Than a Year

An endocrinologist approached us with a sad story to tell. In a period of 18 months she had appointed 10 different billing companies but she had only meager accounts receivable collections coming in, with money from 2004 being owed to her. She really needed our help. Read more