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Revenue Cycle Manangement
Improve your practice’s financial performance and enhance the patient experience!

Healthcare revenue cycle management refers to the administrative processes that involve identifying, collecting and optimizing the revenue generated by all the various services provided by medical practices to their patients. Along with providing optimal patient care, it is also important for healthcare practices to optimize their revenue cycle and thus succeed as a business entity.

Successful revenue cycle management services can keep your practice financially stable!

OSI, the Best Revenue Cycle Management Company

At Outsource Strategies International, our team can handle front-end as well as back-end revenue cycle processes ranging from patient appointment scheduling to insurance eligibility verification and patient accounts receivable management. Our revenue cycle management services are designed to improve and streamline your core operational procedures.

One of the top 10 healthcare revenue cycle management companies in USA, we make it easier for providers and patients to engage at every step of the care journey.

We partner with healthcare organizations and medical practices in all specialties to improve and accelerate reimbursements, prevent claim denials, increase patient collections and thus improve the patient experience.

Our revenue cycle management process also involves communication with patients, insurance companies, and government payers such as Medicare and Medicaid. We can identify and eliminate inefficiencies in your current RCM processes and make necessary improvements.

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Our Revenue Cycle Management Solutions

Our end-to-end innovative revenue cycle management steps include every process related to front-end as well as backend revenue cycle such as

Patient Scheduling

Patient Registration

Payment Posting & Reconciliation

Appointment Management

Charge Entry/Audit

Remittance Processing

Eligibility Verification

Medical Coding Services

Accounts Receivable


Medical Claim Submission

Denial Management

What Makes OSI Your Perfect RCM Partner?


Extensive experience in managing RCM processes for diverse medical specialties


Cutting-edge technology and reporting tools


Custom end-to-end RCM processes


Effective follow-up of claims


Skilled RCM specialists and medical coders

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Why should my practice outsource RCM tasks?

Instead of managing an in-house billing and RCM team, it is ideal to outsource the tasks to an experienced medical billing company. Revenue cycle management process in medical billing, when handled by experts can reduce claim errors, ensure timely reimbursement, help maintain regulatory compliance, and enhance practice cash flow. Outsourcing RCM to professionals can improve your practice’s bottom line, bringing down the number of denied claims considerably.

Does OSI provide denial management on claims?

Yes, we do. Our denial management processes include knowing the types of denials your practice is receiving, tracking those denials, and identifying the source and root cause of denials, monitoring clean claims ratio, prioritizing medical billing and coding oversights, and appealing those claims.

Can your revenue cycle management company prepare our practice ahead of time for fee schedule changes?

Yes, we’re always up-to-date with the industry and governmental regulations and other changes in processing payments for the healthcare services provided. We can prepare you ahead of time for any upcoming fee schedule changes.

What do your front-end revenue cycle management solutions cover?

Our front-end revenue cycle services include patient scheduling and registration, insurance eligibility verification and authorization, and finally, upfront patient collections.

How does the OSI team do quality checks in RCM?

We check for key details in the revenue cycle management processes such as coverage details (patient demographic details, list of benefits as per patient’s plan, plan effective and termination dates, co-pay, deductibles and co-insurance, etc.), and perform regular coding audits, delayed and denied claims analysis, claim appeals, and AR management.