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Struggling to keep up with changing industry standards and payer requirements? OSI is your answer. Our medical billing company will streamline your revenue cycle, ensuring you save costs and boost your revenue. A comprehensive medical billing service with a dedicated project manager and team allows you to redirect your valuable time and resources towards providing exceptional patient care. Join us in optimizing your financial health!

New and changing industry standards and payer requirements have made medical billing rather challenging.  Our company and our adept team with expertise in many specialties of billing and coding provide flexible and scalable solutions that partner in your success.

Experience a hassle-free solution, and let’s discuss your needs today!

Our Comprehensive Medical Billing Services

In the world of medical billing, it’s never “One Size Fit All”. The quest for a partner who truly comprehends your practice, specialty, and billing intricacies can be challenging. We understand that and as a trusted independent medical billing company that possesses industry expertise, ensuring the optimization of your reimbursements.

Our company has years of experience and an excellent track record in delivering measurable results for our clients. Our ability to provide a comprehensive revenue cycle management or a service that handles your immediate need has allowed us to be flexible in handling our client’s requirements. Some of these services are as below. Choose them all or just want you need.



Are you a new practice, looking for a medical billing company that can handle your credentialing and your claims? Are you adding new providers? Our experts can get this done at an extremely reasonable cost.

Medical Coding

Medical Coding

Worried if you are coding correctly? Our certified coders have experience in medical coding services for all specialties. We are knowledgeable in hospital /in-patient coding, DRG/ICD-10-CM, CPT/ ICD, HEDIS and Audits.

Patient Enrollment

Patient Enrollment

Patient enrollment in medical billing entails completing and submitting designated forms containing patient demographic information to comply with third-party payer regulations. We provide accurate enrollment services preventing denials and payment disruptions.

Medical Billing

Medical Billing

As one of the leading medical billing companies in the U.S, we provide accurate our timely and high-quality medical billing services for individual physicians, medical practices, clinics, and physician groups.

Insurance Verifications

Insurance Verifications

A very essential part of medical billing service. Our dedicated team will confirm patient eligibility for visits, procedures and make sure that your office has all essential details prior to your patient visits.

Payment Posting

Payment Posting

We are well-versed in interpreting and posting payments, from insurance and patients. Our payment posting team is well versed in payment posting and ensures that every line item is checked and verified before posting.

Insurance Authorizations

Insurance Authorizations

Do not wait to get paid because you did not get authorizations in a timely manner. Our team will work on insurance authorizations for treatments and procedures, so you are fully aware of all the financial commitments before procedures are done.

AR Management

AR Management

Our billing team is very aware of the need to review EOBs for proper follow-up online and by calling. Knowledgeable in most specialties and insurances allows us to manage AR and negotiate payments while fielding questions from patients and insurances.

Flexible, flat-fee pricing with guaranteed production!

Our pricing philosophy: We want to earn your business. We strive to be fair and flexible, creating a win-win scenario. We are honest and transparent in our negotiations. We will optimize for variables such as volume, work flow, turnaround time, etc.

Competitive Pricing

Why Choose OSI?

As your trusted medical billing service partner, we function as an integral part of your team. Consider us an extension of your workforce, dedicated to ensuring your financial health while you focus on patient care. Your medical practice relies on a synergy of skills – from your dedicated doctors and nurses to your efficient front-desk staff and skilled technicians. Together, your team’s collective purpose is to provide the highest quality care to your patients. Let us handle the intricate task of revenue management, allowing your team to excel in what they do best: healing and healthcare.
No start-up fees or long-term yearly contracts
Flexible pricing models
Dedicated project manager
We can work in your practice management system
AR management right from the 30th day
Faster claims processing and resolution
Clear and transparent reporting
We stay up to date with insurance regulations and changes

Medical Billing Services for Diverse Specialties

OSI provides HIPAA-compliant medical billing services for group facilities, individual practitioners, hospitals, and medical practices of all sizes.

We support all major specialties:

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Client Success Stories

“Our denials have significantly reduced since OSI took over the process and help us with eligibility verification and authorizations of procedures. I would recommend OSI highly to dentists looking to improve their insurance billing and reimbursement.”



“Accurate, Secure, and Well Organized Service. Completed the insurance verifications and authorizations process 2 weeks well in advance. Great Job! Thank you for the Support!”



“I have a small two physician medical practice and initially we tried to do in-house billing. Once we started working with OSI we realized we were leaving a lot of money on the table. I have worked with OSI for the past 4 years.”



“Great Job ! OSI’s dental insurance verification and authorization service have made the world of difference for our billing and collections. Thank you for your hard work!”




How long has your company been providing medical billing services and which specialties do you have experience in?

OSI has been in business as a medical billing company since 2002. Over these 21 years we have worked in many specialties. More than likely, we have worked on your specialty as well. Please speak to one of our solutions managers to get more information.

Can you provide references for other practices you have worked with?

Absolutely we can. We do want to be sure that our medical billing services are exactly fit for you. Once you are sure, we would be happy to provide you with references.

Are your billing specialists certified or credentialed in medical billing and coding?

Yes, we are. Our billing specialists are trained and certified. Our medical coders are AAPC certified and are experts in multiple specialties.

What software or technology do you use for medical billing and practice management?

Great question. We would think 99% of our clients have software and we work as an extension to their practice by remotely working on their system. This keeps transparency. We do have our own web-based software as well that we can use in case you do not have your own software.

How do you stay updated with the latest changes in healthcare regulations and billing codes?

Our staff are constantly trained and attend classes to keep themselves informed of the changes. We are also working with several insurance companies and constantly check the portals for changes and updates.

What is your process for handling denied claims, and what is your success rate in claim resolution?

The idea is to reduce denied claims by doing everything you can upfront correctly. Our process for handling denied claims involves a systematic review of the denial reason, followed by immediate action to rectify any errors or discrepancies. We prioritize swift appeals for valid denials, leveraging our expertise in coding and documentation to optimize success rates. Currently, our claim resolution success rate stands at approximately 95%.

How do you handle patient billing inquiries and disputes?

We handle patient billing inquiries and disputes through a dedicated customer service team, providing clear and timely responses to patient questions and concerns. Our aim is to resolve billing disputes amicably and efficiently, maintaining positive patient relationships while ensuring accurate billing practices.

Can you explain your fee structure and any additional charges that may apply?

Our fee structure is customized depending on specialty and work involved. We remain flexible by providing monthly fixed pricing, per full-time equivalent pricing and so on. Pricing we understand is what works for you and us.

How quickly can you process claims and submit them to insurance companies?

We pride ourselves on our efficient claims processing system, typically submitting claims to insurance companies within 24 to 48 hours of receiving the necessary information. Our swift turnaround helps expedite reimbursement and minimizes potential delays in revenue for your orthopedic practice.

Do you offer electronic claims submission and electronic remittance advice (ERA) services?

Yes, we do.

Can you assist with the enrollment and credentialing of providers with insurance companies?

Yes, we can. We have a dedicated credentialing team.

What is your approach to handling prior authorizations and pre-certifications for procedures?

Our approach to handling prior authorizations and pre-certifications involves a meticulous and proactive process ensuring all necessary authorizations are obtained promptly, minimizing delays, and ensuring procedures can proceed smoothly without insurance-related hiccups. We do this through the insurance portals or by calling.

How do you handle the transition from our current billing system to your services?

We have a well-structured transition process in place to minimize disruption during the shift from your current billing system to ours. Our team will work closely with your practice to gather all necessary data, conduct training if needed, and ensure a seamless transfer of billing operations while maintaining continuity in revenue generation.

What reporting and analytics tools do you provide to track our practice's financial performance?

If we work on your system (99% of the time), you have access to all the reports you need. We can also create custom reports on demand to make sure that you always have full transparency.

Are you able to customize your services to meet the specific needs of our practice?

Absolutely, we offer a tailored approach and can customize our services to align with the specific requirements and nuances of your practice. Whether it’s adapting to unique billing codes or accommodating specialized procedures, our flexibility ensures that our services cater precisely to your practice’s needs.

How do you ensure that claims are coded accurately to maximize reimbursement?

We ensure accurate claim coding by employing certified coding specialists who have extensive knowledge of billing codes and guidelines. Additionally, we conduct routine audits and quality checks to guarantee compliance, minimize errors, and maximize reimbursement for your practice.

Can you explain your process for handling Medicare and Medicaid billing, if applicable?

Certainly, we have a specialized team well-versed in Medicare and Medicaid billing regulations, ensuring accurate submission and adherence to their specific requirements. Our comprehensive process includes thorough eligibility verification, timely claims submission, and consistent follow-up to optimize reimbursement for services rendered to Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries.

What is your average turnaround time for responding to client inquiries or resolving billing issue?

Your team manager is available throughout the day via phone calls or emails. We generally like to get back to clients within the same day unless it’s an emergency. If it is, we will call you ASAP. We prioritize quick and effective communication to ensure that your practice’s concerns are addressed promptly, maintaining smooth operations and client satisfaction.

Does my practice get my own team?

We like to have the same teamwork with a client. You will always have a billing manager and billing team to ensure the quality of work is always maintained.

Is OSI HIPAA-compliant?

Yes, we are fully compliant with HIPAA rules and standards. Our stringent data security policies are designed to ensure that all patient information remains safe and secure. Security measures are taken in-house as well as during the transfer of files. Our entire workforce is trained in privacy, security, and confidentiality, and all our employees must sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement. Contractual agreements with all business parties are maintained and up to date.

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OSI Featured Experts

  • Natalie Tornese
    Natalie Tornese
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    Natalie joined MOS’ Revenue Cycle Management Division in October 2011. She brings twenty five years of hands on management experience to the company.

  • Meghann Drella
    Meghann Drella
    CPC: Senior Solutions Manager: Practice and RCM

    Meghann joined MOS’ Revenue Cycle Management Division in February of 2013. She is CPC certified with the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC).

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    Amber Darst
    Solutions Manager: Practice and RCM

    Hired for her dental expertise, Amber brings a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the dental revenue cycle management (RCM) services to MOS.

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    Loralee Kapp
    Solutions Manager: Practice and RCM

    Loralee joined MOS’ Revenue Cycle Management Division in October 2021. She has over five years of experience in medical coding and Health Information Management practices.