Insurance Authorization Services

Patient insurance verification and authorization plays a major role in a hospital’s claims denial management program. A leading medical billing outsourcing company, Outsource Strategies International (OSI) has years of experience in providing insurance authorization service for diverse medical specialties. Serving all 50 states within the US, we verify coverage for all major and minor medical insurance plans in the country such as Blue Cross Blue Shield, United Healthcare, AETNA, GHI, Medicare and Medicaid, No-Fault, Workers’ Compensation and Liability.

Our insurance authorization company works as an extension of the client office every step of the way.

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Comprehensive Insurance Verification Services

Our team of specialists completes all the benefit verification work well before the office visit and follow up with payers after the initial submission till confirmation is obtained. The service includes verification of all details such as:

  • Payable benefits
  • Co-pays
  • Co-insurances
  • Deductibles
  • Patient policy status
  • Effective date
  • Type of plan and coverage details
  • Plan exclusions
  • Claims mailing address
  • Referrals & pre-authorizations
  • Health insurance caps
  • DME reimbursement


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Insurance Eligibility Verification

Patient Enrollment

Patient Enrollment

Payment for your healthcare services can get delayed or even refused by payers if proper enrollment is not done. Eligibility criteria are checked well before every patient’s office / hospital appointment. Patient enrollment process involves the filling up and submission of a specific form.

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Insurance Pre-authorization

Insurance Pre- Authorizations

Pre-authorization is essential for many non-emergency medical procedures and services. Our goal is to ensure maximum and speedy reimbursement. For that, we verify the patient’s payment benefits and coverage for specific procedures prior to the appointment.

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Patient Eligibility Verification

Patient Eligibility Verification

Comprehensive patient eligibility verification requirements are checked. We verify all information to determine eligibility and acceptance of the claim. We check for policy changes, complete the paperwork, and verify patient information with the provider.

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Our team of verification experts processes prior authorization requests for your patients quickly and efficiently. We are also experienced in authorizing up to 300 DME cases per day. We communicate with the concerned agencies/companies for appeals, missing information, and other matters.

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Our Insurance Eligibility Verification Process

  1. Patient Registration and Scheduling – Receiving patient schedules from the hospital or clinic via FTP, Fax or Dropbox. We can work directly on your practice management system.
  2. Patient Enrollment – Entering demographic information entry or update
  3. Eligibility Verification – Verifying coverage on all primary and secondary payers
  4. Authorization – Confirming authorization for treatment from appropriate sources, if applicable
  5. Contacting Patients – For further insurance details, we communicate with the patients
  6. Billing System Update – Updating the billing system with the verified details
Insurance Verification Process

What Makes OSI Unique?

  • HIPAA-compliant services
  • System-based eligibility checking
  • No setup fees or training costs
  • No long-term yearly contracts
  • Dedicated manager
  • We work on your software
  • Eligibility verification performed in batch and real-time
  • Provide the service in whatever turnaround time you require


Our team of experts has long-term experience in the industry and can assist in overcoming all your challenges. When you choose to outsource your insurance benefit verification and authorization services to us, you benefit from:

  • Speedy approval and authorization
  • Simplified workflow
  • Reduced risk
  • Reduced number of returned claims
  • Faster billing cycles
  • Minimal delays
  • Improved payment and collections
  • Free up your staff to focus on more productive tasks

An infographic presentation of the insurance verification process is given here.

Insurance Verification Process Flow


Our medical insurance eligibility verification services are affordable, where you save 30% to 40% on your operational costs.

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