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Pain Management Medical Billing Company

Pain management physicians need to focus on developing treatment approaches appropriate to each patient’s unique needs, which requires considerable time and effort. To run a successful practice, they should also ensure up-to-date medical billing and coding. With changing federal, state and private carrier regulations and codes, such practices need expert support to submit accurate claims and prevent denials.

An experienced pain management medical billing company based in the U.S., Outsource Strategies International (OSI) can efficiently manage all aspects of your medical billing process. Our medical billing team has the expertise to submit accurate claims and optimize your pain management practice reimbursement. We can help you navigate the changing guidelines of government and private insurance and provide medical billing and coding solutions that are compliant with the latest procedures and norms.

We serve individual practices, physicians’ groups, pain clinics and healthcare facilities across the US.

Our services can save up to 30-40% on your overhead expenses! Free Billing Analysis

Our Pain Management Medical Billing Services

Our Medical Billing Services

  • Patient enrollment
  • Insurance verifications
  • Insurance authorizations
  • Pain management coding
  • Payment posting and reconciliation of accounts
  • Accounts receivable management
  • Patient collections

We can work with your software or use our own web-based software. Our services can save up to 30-40% on your overhead expenses.

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Pain Management Billing

Billing Process

Our team verifies coding/charge entries before claim submission and also checks for missing/illegible documents, and authorization numbers to ensure accuracy before the bills go out.

We can efficiently handle claim submission for various types of pain treatments such as Nerve block, Cancer pain management, Diagnostic and therapeutic injections, Discography, Intrathecal pump implant, DRG/nerve root stimulation, Spinal cord stimulators, Facet joint procedures, Arthrocentesis and Anesthesia.

Highlights of Our Medical Billing Services

  • System-based claims scrubbing before claims go out
  • HIPAA compliance
  • Comprehensive tracking of underpayments and non-payments
  • Regular QA checks
  • Weekly and monthly reports
  • Full-time access to our software
  • Customized TAT
  • No long-term yearly contracts
  • 24/7 technical support

In addition to assigning a dedicated billing manager to your project, we will ensure complete transparency with business analytics and timely reports to keep you posted of progress. Knowledgeable about coding for complex procedures and billing rules of different payers, we can ensure timely and appropriate reimbursement for your services.

To get a customized solution to meet your reimbursement needs, contact our pain management medical billing company at 1-800-670-2809.