How to Grow Your Chiropractic Practice

How to Grow Your Chiropractic Practice

Chiropractic CareAccording to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the employment of chiropractors is expected to grow by 15 percent from 2012 to 2022 which is faster than the average for all occupations. It was also found that people belonging to all age groups are becoming increasingly interested in chiropractic care. However, the NCHS/CDC National Health Interview Survey 2012 revealed that regional differences play a huge role when it comes to American preferences for chiropractic care. If 16.4% of adults in the West North Central region and 11.4% of adults in the Mountain region used practitioner-based chiropractic or osteopathic manipulation in 2012 higher than the national average 8.5%, only 6.5% of adults in the East South Central region, 6.2% of adults in the South Atlantic and 5.9% of adults in the West South Central region used practitioner-based chiropractic or osteopathic manipulation, lower than the national average. In such a scenario, you really need to work hard to take advantage of the increasing demand for chiropractic care and grow your practice.

The primary step required is to increase the number of patients visiting the office. If this step doesn’t work as expected, you will end up with a great loss. Here are some effective tips.

An Appropriate Website

In this Internet era, your website helps most prospective new patients know about your practice and services. A good website will have a simple design with easy-to-understand guidelines on how to make a new-patient appointment. Though it is essential to provide visitors with a method to communicate with your office, you should make sure that you are using secure messaging service (not regular e-mail) so as to meet HIPAA requirements. Adding pictures of the doctors and staff team is a good way to emphasize your authenticity. A two-minute ‘Welcome to Our Office’ video is very effective as the patients will get an opportunity to see your office environment remotely. People visiting your site may have already decided to seek the service of a chiropractor and you have to convince them how you are better than competitors with solid information, testimonials and other compelling web content. Highlight the offers, if you are providing any.

Not only should you design the website properly, but make sure the site is well-optimized for search engines by using appropriate keywords and up-to-date optimization strategies. With the proliferation of mobile technologies, more and more people are accessing healthcare information through smartphones and tablets. If you want to attract mobile audience, it is very important to use mobile-friendly design (for example, responsive design) for your website.

Effective Communication

When people make their first appointment once they visit your website, you should make the communication effective as much as possible. Whether they choose phone or e-mail, your staff should be always available to address their inquiry and reply to them quickly in a very clear and polite manner. The following practices will help you to have effective telephonic communication with your prospective consumers.

  • Give them a short, standard and cheerful greeting and don’t keep them waiting beyond the third ring.
  • Follow courteous phone etiquette that ensures you won’t lose the caller.
  • Once you understand the caller is a new patient, adopt a ‘right now’ policy in which you should not put off the patients until tomorrow. Respond to them in a tone that you are ready to give appointment today

Customer-centered Approach

You should follow a customer-centric approach and make your patients feel secure and impressed. Greet them with a personal note, not only during the first appointment, but also at each follow-up visit. Keep their initial paperwork safe and easily accessible. So, when the patients call, your staff can check their details quickly and follow up with their needs quickly. Listen to their problems (for example, unattainable appointment schedules) carefully and take quick actions (proper scheduling of appointments in this example) to solve them. Contact the patient’s insurer before confirming the appointment and make sure the claims will be paid for the required services.

Robust Marketing Plan

Some experts believe poor marketing can be one of the main causes for the failure of a chiropractic practice. Many chiropractors are building bigger practices by investing in marketing while others barely survive. So, if you want to grow your practice, you should have a robust marketing plan. The cornerstone of every robust marketing plan is to have goals. Your goals should be challenging and attainable, clear and specific, measurable and time-sensitive. You should also define your goals as long-term or short-term and limit the goals to no more than five. Once you define the goals, you can devise strategies that will help to attain them and implement them carefully.

Though there are several marketing options out there, online marketing is the most cost-effective way for getting more word-of-mouth promotions and referrals and grow your practice. Here are some effective internet marketing strategies.

  • Social Media Marketing – You can use social networking platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn to reach out to more people, tell them about your practice and encourage them for office visits. You can start business pages in Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and spend some time each day to promote those pages. Google Plus Local page is a very good platform to confirm ownership of your website in a local area. This will hugely impact your website ranking as well. Facebook and Twitter provides several paid and unpaid advertising options that can be utilized to market your practice. Marketing on social media also includes creating shareable content (solid text, images and videos of expert exercise tips) and encouraging people to like and share them. You can post regular updates about your practice on social media pages so as to make people aware of your new developments and offers.
  • Mobile Applications – You can attract your patients and get referrals by developing mobile applications that provide information on chiropractic principles and types of treatments available. If you well-optimize your mobile apps, the prospective patients will find these applications on the Internet and utilize them. Eventually, they will contact you for chiropractic care. Create applications that integrate with popular social sites to reach out to more audience.
  • Using Referral Sites – Creating business profiles on referral sites including Yelp and Angie’s List is another way to increase your referrals. Monitor these sites closely for bad reviews and reply to them intelligently; take the criticisms as a way to improve your services. Ask your happy patients to write good reviews on these sites as well.

Once you increase the number of patients visiting the office, you can improve the collections by managing the billing procedures, claim submission and revenues with the help of coding and billing professionals.

Medical Website Marketing

Medical websites provide an opportunity to market medical practices, products and services to a wide range of customers quickly and effectively. The main advantage of medical website marketing is that your steady online presence helps you provide services, carry out deals and address customer concerns more quickly. Social media marketing of medical websites enables the promotion of your products and services among an increasing social circle.

Successful medical website marketing demands an efficient marketing strategy and methods. Medical web marketing companies can be of immense help in developing such innovative strategies for your website.

Effective Medical Website Marketing Techniques

There are several valuable medical website marketing techniques. Some of these strategies are discussed below.

  • Retain Unified Content on Medical Web Page: When you are setting up a medical website, do not go for services from different companies for creating emblem, preparing content and designing web page. It is best to approach a company that provides all of these services together. This will help avoid dissimilarity and diverse standards in the web pages.
  • Advertise Only Specific Method or Types of Procedures: Try to market any unique method or type of procedure. This is the easy way to grab the attention of a large number of customers looking for specific services, and thereby establish a solid online presence.
  • Well-Organized Marketing Campaigns: Marketing campaigns can help you attain your marketing goals easily. The campaigns should be organized properly. Also, you need to set apart appropriate finances for your marketing campaigns.
  • Search Engine Optimization of Content: You must optimize the content in your medical website for getting into top search results generated by search engines. Avail of search engine optimization services from a reliable medical marketing company for this purpose.
  • Choose a Suitable Internet Marketing Technique: You need to utilize an internet marketing technique that will work best for your medical website. The technique will depend upon the purpose of your website One to one marketing techniques will be feasible in the case of websites that target doctors and other medical entities.

The Important Role of a Medical Web Marketing Company

A reliable medical web marketing company can monitor your website and provide the most appropriate medical marketing services for it. These companies will help improve the traffic to your website and enable easy achievement of your business objectives. A reliable web marketing company can deliver the following services and more to its clients.

  • Pay per click advertising
  • Submitting your website in different portals
  • Social media and article marketing
  • Link exchanges
  • Forum marketing
  • Search marketing

Advantages of Medical Website Marketing

Medical Brand Reputation: Brand reputation is vital for every business as it can persuade the customers to buy a product or service. When you employ strategic medical website marketing techniques, the healthcare brand you highlight in your medical website will become popular in cyberspace. On-page/off-page SEO and banner advertising are some of the techniques that can enhance brand awareness.

Gain More Return on Investment: Medical website marketing can bring you excellent return on investment. However, you need to focus on people who are currently searching for your products and services.

Business Growth: When you start using a relevant medical website marketing strategy for your website, you can attract lots of quality traffic. This will in turn ensure good returns and lead to considerable growth in your business eventually.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Viral Marketing

In the current competitive business world, every business owners look different methods to promote their business, globally. One of the widely available, familiar and successful marketing strategies is viral marketing. The concept behind the viral marketing is word-of-mouth, i.e. use influencers to make peer-to-peer product recommendations. The term viral marketing formed by venture capitalist Steve Jurvetson in 1997 to explain the exclusive referral-marketing program produced by Hotmail, one of the primary free e-mail services. Several outsourcing companies around the world are providing viral marketing services. The viral marketing has some disadvantages also.

The advantages of viral marketing service are high credibility, low costs, great reach, high efficiency and the opportunity to continuous promotion adjustments. The main reasons for the wide popularity of viral marketing are:

  • Socializing and networking has now made very closer to the people. So relatives and friends are simply accessible over the net.
  • Viral marketing is one of the cost-free methods for promoting a business transaction.
  • The time and resources are easily available. In this type of marketing, one person contacting their friends or relatives. They contacted more and more people and the chain goes on. It generates revenue from advertisement.

In spite of the probable risks, viral marketing has the ability to draw the greatest potential audience at a convincingly low cost, raising the reach of your business.

The main disadvantages of the viral marketing are:

  • Association with unknown groups – The strength of viral marketing depends on the transfer of messages from person to person. During this process, it may reach someone you would rather not be associated with.
  • Spam threats – If made badly, viral marketing can guide to significant spam issues.
  • Keep away from making merely financial-based offer
  • Brand dilution

Features of Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is the process of marketing or selling of goods and services over the Internet. With the development of e-commerce and online services, you don’t want to go to the shop or any other commercial place for selling or marketing of your products and services. Internet marketing makes your selling in a rapid way.

Internet marketing online has become a vital part of modern business. There are a large number of internet marketing companies who offer internet marketing services to both small scale and large scale companies largely and effectively. Internet marketing has a number of benefits that cannot find in other marketing forms.

Internet marketing has its own positive and negative features. The positive features of internet marketing are:

  • Internet marketing allows global marketing facility – Internet service is not for local purpose it allows global accessibility.
  • It is less expensive – The cost involved in internet marketing is very less compared to other marketing strategies.
  • It makes marketing easier – You can find out both buyers and sellers online.
  • Through internet marketing, you can sell your products and services and encash your bills from anywhere.
  • It increases the choice of products, services and sellers.
  • Vast availability of information.

Unlike other marketing media such as television, radio, news paper and other printed media, internet marketing is growing rapidly and obtaining recognition. The features of internet marketing also include effective sales promotion activities, complete description about the product, company, price, use, and many more.

The negative features of internet marketing include we cannot smell, touch, operate, and open the product. Some others are lack of technical facilities in rural areas, misuse by people, etc. Though there are some negative features, the advantages or the benefits of internet marketing is very high.

You can also make use of the services of internet marketing consultant for marketing your products and services online.

Benefits of Internet Marketing

Internet marketing or online marketing is one of the most recent and speedy marketing and advertising methods in today’s competitive business world. It uses the Internet as a medium to advertise and sell products and services. A form of electronic commerce, online marketing is used by most of the business organizations to expand and promote their marketing worldwide. This business strategy has two modes of operation – business-to-customer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B). Both have had tremendous impact on industries such as flea markets, banking, and music. Today, Internet marketing has become a fashionable marketing plan as Internet usage has increased tremendously among the public.

Like any other traditional marketing startegy, Internet marketing covers customer service, public relations, information management, and sales. It has a number of advantages over any other traditional marketing methods. Some of the viral marketing advantages are:

  • More cost effective and flexible than offline advertising
  • 24×7 days presence
  • Convenient to research a product
  • Value added customer satisfaction
  • Standardized sales performance
  • Improved credibility
  • Can establish two-way communicative marketing
  • Cheaper market research
  • Opportunity to expand marketing
  • Worldwide popularity
  • Diversified revenue streams

Commonly used Internet marketing practices are search engine marketing, pay per click advertising, blog marketing, e-mail marketing, affiliate marketing, article marketing, banner ads, and bloggings. Internet marketing services enable you to participate in ad swaps and submit free ads.