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Medical Billing and Coding for Telehealth Services in 2017

Recent reports indicate that the telehealth trend is growing across America, especially in rural areas. Many states have passed a telehealth parity law, which allows providers to be eligible to receive reimbursements for telehealth at the same level as in-person services. While medical coding outsourcing can ensure appropriate reimbursement for telehealth services, providers need to […]

New CPT Codes for Dialysis Circuit Interventions in 2017

Surgeons who perform dialysis access and management procedures and the medical billing and coding companies that serve them have to deal with several new CPT codes for dialysis circuit interventions in 2017. According to the CPT manual, the term ‘dialysis circuit’ refers to both arteriovenous fistula and arteriovenous grafts. Dialysis circuits can be placed at […]

Know Ob-Gyn CPT Code Changes in 2017 to Optimize Reimbursement

Ob-Gyn practices face many challenges relating to both practice and reimbursement. In addition to Meaningful Use and value-based reimbursement, 2017 has brought many changes in obstetrics and gynecology medical billing and coding. While medical billing and coding outsourcing can help providers take advantage of new reimbursement opportunities, it’s important that Ob-Gyns are well-informed about these […]

2017 CPT Code Changes for Pelvic Fracture – Focus on Complexity of Treatment

CPT codes are updated and republished on an annual basis by the American Medical Association (AMA). Expert AAPC-certified coders in established medical coding companies keep track of these changes and report them correctly, enabling the orthopedic practices they serve to maximize reimbursement. This year, orthopedists need to pay attention to the changes to pelvic fracture […]

Implement 2017 CPT Code Updates for Diagnostic Radiology

Technological advancements have flooded the field of diagnostic and interventional radiology in recent years and new codes have been created to accommodate these changes. Reliable medical coding companies keep track of these changes as they are well aware that using the new diagnostic radiology codes is crucial to help radiologists maximize revenue opportunities and minimize […]

Billing and Coding Tips for Spine and Pain Management

Pain management medical coding is critical for diverse clinical specialties including neurology, radiology, orthopedics, spine surgery and others. For timely reimbursement of complex spine and pain management procedures, ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs) should ensure proper claims submission with accurate medical codes. Spine-related pain can be associated with nerve root compression, facet arthropathy, and intervertebral discs […]