Don’t Let the Heat Get to Your Mobile Phone – Try These Tips

by | Published on Jun 10, 2015 | Medical Outsourcing

Mobile Phone
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The mobile phone has become a staple feature in physicians’ offices and other healthcare facilities with an increasing number of US physicians using smartphones. According to a 2015 Kantar Media study, 84% of US physicians polled said they used smartphones for professional purposes. Typically, they use the mobile phone and mobile healthcare apps to look for clinical or specialty-specific content, drug information, or medical content in general. Many physicians are also encouraging mobile usage in their entire practice to speed up communication and information exchange.

Well, now it’s summer and with the temperature warming up there is a possibility that the heat can have a negative impact on your coveted mobile phone. The rising mercury outside can wreak havoc on your phone, even causing a forced shutdown. Here are a few tips to follow that will help prevent your phone from overheating.

  • Avoid direct sunlight: Keep your phone away from the heat and out of direct sunlight. Long periods of heat exposure can age your battery; damage the hardware parts and cause system freezing.
  • Switch off battery-draining features and apps: Browsing, gaming and running apps that give directions via location services or GPS are battery suckers. Unused apps in the background also ruin battery and may overheat batteries. Removing these apps can not only save battery, but also reduce heat.
  • Turn off when not in use: Turn your phone to airplane mode or turn it off, when you’re not using it such as at night when you sleep or when you are in a busy meeting.
  • Take it out of its case: Take off the case of the device while charging. Rubber cases often trap a lot of heat, which can damage the phone. When the case is removed, the heat will not get blocked and this will help to quickly cool down the phone.
  • Avoid water damage: Water damaged phones often experience overheating problems and power issues. Liquid Damage Indicator stickers (LDI) can ensure that the cell phone does not experience any side effects of moisture or liquid damage.
  • Update software: Outdated software can also cause your phone to heat up. With regular updates, your cell phone will run smoother thereby reducing the strain on your phone, and helping it to maintain an average temperature.
  • Use quality battery: Old as well as cheap third party batteries can make your phone hotter than it should be. Approved battery models are recommended for the smooth running of the device. For phones that are still under warranty, a free replacement may be possible with certain manufacturers.

If the problem persists, even after trying these tips, it is best to contact your mobile phone vendor. If your phone has not crossed the warranty period, a warranty claim will help to get the issues solved by the manufacturer at no cost.

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